Top 10 Ways to Keep the Kids Safe at a Theme Park

A family day out at a theme park is supposed to be fun, but with little ones it can be a bit daunting.

Stressing and panicking is no good for anyone, however, so here are top ten ways to eliminate the worry and keep your cherubs safe.

1. Dress in bright, anonymous clothing
One of the best ways to keep your children safe at a theme park is to dress them in brightly coloured clothing, so you can see them at all times. You really want them to be highly visible, so dig out the brightest attire you can find (if they will let you) and make a note of what they are wearing. Bright, block colours work best, as can be seen from afar, so don’t get carried away and keep it simple. If you have kids not yet old enough to care, you could even dress them all the same to eliminate any confusion.

2. Don’t Wear Slip On Shoes
On the morning of your trip, make sure you don’t put your kids in shoes which could easily fall off. On many attractions feet don’t have anything to rest on and are left to dangle down, so if shoes are not done up properly they could easily come off. Funky sandals and vibrant flip-flops may look cool, but if they end up hitting a passer-by in the head, you will definitely not be laughing.

3. Stranger Danger
Before setting off, remind your children of stranger danger and enforce that they must not talk to, or go off with anybody they don’t know. Keep younger children on a child leash and tell the older kids to always stay in your view. Reassure them that they can do all the fun things they want, but it must be at the pace of the family.

To protect your children further make sure you do not dress them in any clothes which display their name in an obvious way. Avoid personalised football strips, t-shirts, caps and even named key rings on bags. Children are more likely to follow someone who knows their name, so simply be aware.

4. Wear identity bands
When heading to a theme park it is very good idea to place a discreet identity band around your child’s wrist stating your telephone number. That way, if they do get lost hopefully someone will find them and they will be reunited with you in no time. Even older children can forget a telephone number in a moment of panic, so if they don’t want to wear a band, always give them a bit of paper with it on just in case.

5. Agree on a meeting place
Arriving at a theme park can be extremely exciting, however, it is very important to keep control and organise everyone as there is nothing worst than losing a member of your group. Decide upon a meeting point you must all return to if someone gets lost and make sure everyone knows where they are to come. It is advisable to select the biggest, brightest attraction in the park as this can often be seen from a great distance.

6. Never leave your child alone
Never, ever leave your children alone while you go on a ride. Always make sure there is a ride you can enjoy together or that there is a friend or relative to look after your little ones. It sounds so simple, but in the chaos of the day, communication may break down and your youngsters may end up alone. What’s more, make sure if you pop to the loo or go to buy food, that someone knows they are looking after the kids.

7. Chose appropriate rides
Theme parks usually have a whole range of rides and attractions to suit everyone from the bravest of thrill seekers to timid little ones. It is highly recommended you watch a ride before taking your children on it as it may not look scary at first but might do something unexpected. Many rides also have height restrictions, so make sure you read all the information boards or ask an attendant to save unnecessary queuing.

8. Use sun cream
Many theme park attractions are located outside and therefore it is extremely important to bring sun cream along with you — and use it. The weather may not look particularly great, but if you are outside you can still catch the sun, so be sure to protect yourself and your children from harmful rays. The last thing you want is to be caught unprepared and for you kids to get burnt.

9. Keep hydrated
A theme park adventure is thirsty work, so make sure you all stay hydrated. Bring bottles of water with you, buy some at the park’s shops, or stop for regular refreshments. Kids often get so excited they forget to eat or drink, so be forceful and make sure they keep take in regular liquid. Dehydration can be very serious but can also be easily avoided.

10. Bring plasters
Bringing a mini first aid kit along with you, is a really, really good idea. Day trips often avoid lots of walking and so plasters are usually essential. Shoes can rub, especially during hot days or if they get wet and it is a very good idea to be prepared. Children also love to run around and may fall and cut themselves, so having a pack of plaster will soon put a smile on their faces once again.

So, there you have it, day trips with the family really don’t have to be stressful. Simply be sensible, stay alert and enjoy a fun-filled adventure together.


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