Finding Sex Offenders In Your City With Google Search

Google Maps has always been a very useful tool.  Users could employ the tool to locate addresses, people and even offices. The tool could also be accessed through mobile phones and it is a huge asset for people while driving as well. Even so, the Google Design team has now managed to tweak the map to provide an even more beneficial tool. It is now linked with state databases that will show the addresses of local sex offenders, perfect for finding sex offenders. Using the tool is simple. You can access the state database of registered sex delinquent and then enter your address in to the state search engine.  This will produce a Google Map of your address and the locations of sex offenders within a five mile radius of your home.

For additional information, you can click on the red bubbles on the map. This will provide additional information on the sex offender in the form of an address and photograph. The map is generally very specific but there are drawbacks. For example, not every sex offender is required to register their name and address with the state database. Moreover, even though offenders register with the sex criminal registry, it takes some time for the paperwork to be processed and entered into the system. In a few states, sex criminals have to register for their entire lifetime and this information is readily accessible for users.

Finding Sex Offenders

Although this is a valuable asset for personal security, almost every database carries strict warnings about the misuse of this information. Using the information to harm or injure the registered offender could result in an arrest for the person.

Making the Internet Safe for Kids

The Internet is a dangerous place for children and the scary thing is there is no real safe way to keep your kids out of harms way. If kids are intent on finding something on the Internet they will probably find it sooner or later. However there are ways to help protect your kids when they are on the home computer.

Google is the biggest Internet search engine and is used my almost everybody out there. In the future it wouldn’t surprise me if people started to call the Internet, Google!

As far as your kids are concerned this can be a good thing because Google has some features that make the Internet a bit safer.

Google safe search limits the searches that are returned to only the ones that Google deems as safe and suitable for children. These settings should be activated on your browser if you know that your children will be using the Internet. If you activate these settings and then choose to lock them so that they can’t be changed every time your kids perform a search on the Internet they will not be subjected to any kind of pornographic content or any other type of content that may be inappropriate.

These settings make Google for kids a safe place. You won’t have to worry any more. In fact, it’s probably a really good idea to teach your kids how to use Google. Let them know that if they want to find out any information, all they have to do is type their question into the search box and  they can find the answer.

By teaching them how to use Google (which you have already set to safe search) you are letting them satisfy their curiosity and keep them safe at the same time. If only everything for kids was that easy!

You can learn more about Google safe search by simply Googling it.

  • 10 Search Engines For Kids That Help Out Parents With Safe Browsing (

Finding Unblocked Games for Kids at School

With so many things to do on the Internet today, it is hard to separate good from bad for our children.  If there is one thing children love to do, it is playing games online.  As parents we need to work together with our teachers that have our kids at school every day.  You should take more care in wondering what they can or can’t access online.  The last thing you would want is to walk into the classroom and see your son or daughter playing shooting games on the computer, but there is another avenue we can take, and that is with unblocked games for kids at school.

There are plenty of games online that are suitable for children, you just have to look for them.  For my children I am mostly a fan of math games, puzzles, strategy scenarios, and other games that work well with the mind and encourage a child’s learning experience.  There are a lot of ways to find these games as well.  Just go into Google and search for “educational games” and you will find an array of sites that offer fun, exciting, and entertaining games that simultaneously encourage brain development in young children.

Unblock Games for Kids

I have found that there are even a few unblocked games for kids that I would let my kids enjoy (depending on their ages) if they don’t want to learn and are tired from working hard all day.  They should be rewarded for finishing homework early in school, and I have found a few game sites that I feel should be accessible from school proxy servers, namely  This is a site that has a lot of arcade games that I grew up playing as a kid, and I also find most of the games on their to be totally harmless.  Just make sure you do your own research on the games before you suggest them to the school administration.

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