The Role of Online Dating Background Screening

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In every moment of our lives, we all hope that we are safe at all times in whatever we do, wherever we go, and whoever we interact with. Complete background checks are everywhere: in the workplace, in landlord-tenant relationships, and in other forms of transactions. Many people today get involved with online dating, and even in this area checking on a person through a set of background screening processes are largely possible.

There are plenty of incidents where people, especially women, have opened themselves up to potential theft, fraud, and even sex crimes due to incautious relations with people they have only met online. When they divulge too much information about their personal lives without really getting to know the real person, they have put themselves to a lot of risk. There were the possibilities of violence, theft, rape, and even murder. Even men become subjects to a lot of lies when women learned that they are financially endowed. It would be best to check on a person’s background before spending more time on dates. Perhaps the first thing you should consider is becoming a member to a well-trusted and legitimate dating site. Don’t associate yourself with sites known to have members who are not sincerely looking for soul mates or potential spouses, but are only out to get some dirty fun.

When you are conversing with a chat mate, you can begin by asking sincerely their full name. Of course, that only happens when they have found confidence in you. Don’t be fooled immediately by what they tell you about where they work, how much they earn, which organizations they belong to and so much more. However, you can use those details for future reference when you have finally decided to make a background check on your chat mate.

Most dating background screening companies look for a person’s information on educational records, work experience, social security number, military records, criminal records, and even sex offender registry status. There are other forms of information that you can get access to, but attempting to get each and every type proves to be expensive and futile. Focus on the basics only that really test the character and integrity of your potential date.

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Setting Teen Chat Room Rules for your Child

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Every parent wants to protect their child from harm and as a parent of a teenager, you are acutely aware of the dangers of the internet.  The news is rife with reports of children who have been targeted by internet predators.  It’s enough to want to make you ban your child the web completely.  You know that is not a feasible solution to the problem, but is there anything parents can do to help protect their children when they are visiting internet chat rooms?

How to Help Your Teen Stay Safe on the Internet

First, be realistic.  You know you can’t forbid your child from visiting chat rooms and make it stick.  Even if they don’t use a home computer, they’ll find a way.  Laptops, friends’ computers, even cell phones with internet access, are all too accessible to your teen.  Besides, the forbidden fruit is always more tempting and if you prohibit chat room use, your child will become more determined than ever to go there.

Instead, help your child find acceptable chat rooms. Look for rooms dedicated solely to teens.  These rooms should have continuous moderation and allow users to report offenders to admin if an unpleasant situation should arise.  Safe sites designed for teens should forbid users from giving out personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or locations.  Profane chat should not be permitted.

Talk to your teen about the importance of keeping personal information personal.  Not only should your child not give out information about themselves, they should not give out information about you, either.  Some predators want that info so they can hack into your financial accounts.

Make full use of parental controls and blocking software.  Check your child’s search history frequently and be observant when your child is on the computer.  If rules are broken, that is the time to restrict computer usage.

Get Involved

Don’t be ignorant to social media.  Get involved yourself and you’ll have a better understanding of your teen’s attraction to it.  Set up a Facebook page and get on your child’s friends list.  This gives you an inside look at whom your teen is chatting with and what they are chatting about.  Be cool, though.   You do not want to embarrass your child online.

Finally, talk to your child frequently about safe internet use.  Make it clear that they are never to meet a stranger from the internet anywhere, any time.  Make them understand that yes, it really could happen to them.

Keep your eyes open and the lines of communication unlocked, talk to your child about their internet experiences, and try to relax.  You are doing everything possible to protect your child.

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Teaching Your Child Critical Thinking

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Children who are critical thinkers are not afraid to be curious.  They have the ability to ask good grades that are higher than average; even in public school systems where individualized teaching is largely impossible, they thrive better than most peers because teachers have a better idea on how to address their academic needs.  While critical thinking may come naturally to some children, parents can provide guidelines and foster this skill as well.  Teach your child to think critically by allowing them to consider the following methods of inquiry:

  • What exactly do you mean by that? Clarifying meaning is a more active way of learning rather than simply accepting what you are told.  Asking for clarification indicates interest, and communicates the desire to learn more.  Children who are not afraid to ask questions when they do not fully understand something make the most out of their education.  Even outside the class, asking for clarifications fosters good interaction with other people, and helps curb the bad habit of assuming too much.
  • I wonder why that happens. Curiosity is the jumping board for learning.  It opens up the mind to new things and deeper knowledge.  Moreover, it shows awareness of the surroundings and sharpens the intellect.  The curious child is a learning child.
  • How can you tell? It isn’t enough to know information.  In a lot of academic subjects, the ability to arrive at the correct answer is important.  The child must learn the logical processes involved in order to be able to duplicate the solution to a particular answer.
  • Is there any other explanation? Critical thinking implies being able to discern things rather than just memorizing data.  If school is preparation for the real life, then students must learn to think for themselves.  In the adult world, one problem often has more than just one solution.
  • Am I explaining something or just labeling it? Book learning is somewhat heavily focused on categorizing things rather than truly understanding what it means.  For example, while a child knows that biology uses binomial nomenclature, he must also be able to know what it means.  Understanding what a thing really is and knowing how it works rather than simply knowing what it is called is the hallmark of analytical thinking.

Critical thinking goes beyond the mere accumulation of data.  It promotes comprehension and enhances the ability to appropriately apply gained knowledge to real-life situations and problems.  It is never too early, nor too late to teach your child how to think critically.  This is a skill that will prove valuable to him for the rest of his life.

Joana Chrystal Ventura-Moises RN is also our expert blogger on plumbing and shower screens.  She contributes home improvement articles to other websites as well.

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Finding Unblocked Games for Kids at School

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With so many things to do on the Internet today, it is hard to separate good from bad for our children.  If there is one thing children love to do, it is playing games online.  As parents we need to work together with our teachers that have our kids at school every day.  You should take more care in wondering what they can or can’t access online.  The last thing you would want is to walk into the classroom and see your son or daughter playing shooting games on the computer, but there is another avenue we can take, and that is with unblocked games at school.

There are plenty of games online that are suitable for children, you just have to look for them.  For my children I am mostly a fan of math games, puzzles, strategy scenarios, and other games that work well with the mind and encourage a child’s learning experience.  There are a lot of ways to find these games as well.  Just go into Google and search for “educational games” and you will find an array of sites that offer fun, exciting, and entertaining games that simultaneously encourage brain development in young children.

I have found that there are even a few games that I would let my kids enjoy (depending on their ages) if they don’t want to learn and are tired from working hard all day.  They should be rewarded for finishing homework early in school, and I have found a few game sites that I feel should be accessible from school proxy servers, namely  This is a site that has a lot of arcade games that I grew up playing as a kid, and I also find most of the games on their to be totally harmless.  Just make sure you do your own research on the games before you suggest them to the school administration.

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Winning A Father’s Rights Child Custody Case

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By David Sahel

Let us clear one thing here-there is nothing nice about child custody cases-they come as a result of failure from one or both parents and most cases the children suffer.The rates of divorce are higher today than ever before. One of the main causes of this is infidelity, as more people are straying from their relationships than ever before. This is hard enough when you are just a couple but when child custody rights cases are involved, things can get hard. You need to ensure the children make it through okay and that they are not too damaged during the process, as this is very emotionally daunting.

When you are going through a breakup and there are children involved, you must be aware of what your child custody rights are.One of the biggest problems, is many people do not realize what their rights are, especially unmarried child custody rights if the parents were not married during their relationship.

Child custody for fathers is often part-time, as the courts typically want the children to remain with the mother, but this is becoming less and less common.Father’s rights child custody cases used to be thornier as tradition used to believe that mothers care more. But nowadays, there are more cases than ever before where the father is considered as a better parent for the child or children and is therefore given full-time custody of their child. So if you wish to claim fathers rights child custody is very possible!

Just because you are, a father does not mean you cannot get full custody of your child. Once custody is decided, joint custody child support or other support is sorted out. This is the money one parent pays to another as financial support for the child. Typically, it is the parent who has less custody of the child who pays support because the other parent is covering more rent costs, food costs, schooling and other costs.

It is always best to have a family law attorney when going through a child custody rights issues. This helps ensure you get a fair ruling and have someone there to take the weight off your shoulders. They know what fathers custody rights are and can offer you important legal advice. Make sure no matter what that you always put the best interest of the child at the forefront of your battle. It should never be about winning, seeing who comes out on top or fighting just because you do not want the other parent to win. You need to think about what is best for your child and what sort of child custody papers you end up filing that will work most in their favor. Going through to attain child custody rights and get a ruling can take some time but of course both of you can sort out a temporary child custody arrangement. If you mean well when pursuing your child custody rights , then you should keep your head up knowing you are doing the best thing for your child.

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Sex Offenders Registry Indiana

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Sex Offenders Registry Indiana

State of resident sex offender checks may not be enough to find out if someone you are hiring or someone living in your neighborhood is a registered sex offender. The Supreme Court ruled today that a sex offender from Alabama did not need to register in Indiana after a relocation because his conviction predated the passage of the law that requires sex offenders to register. Thomas Carr was arrested in 2004 in Alabama on first degree sexual abuse of a minor but the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) wasn’t passed until 2006. He successfully … Read more at Sex Offenders Search

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Sex Offenders Registry Indiana

State of resident sex offender checks may not be enough to find out if someone you are hiring or someone living in your neighborhood is a registered sex offender. The Supreme Court ruled today that a sex offender from Alabama did not need to register in Indiana after a relocation because his conviction predated the passage of the law that requires sex offenders to register. Thomas Carr was arrested in 2004 in Alabama on first degree sexual abuse of a minor but the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) wasn’t passed until 2006. He successfully argued that the law doesn’t required a sex offender who moves from one state to the next to register in the new state when his conviction occurred prior to the passage of the law.

The decision of the court came down to a single word, ‘travels’. By using the present tense of the word in the law instead of a past tense like ‘traveled’, the legislature left an exception open for those convicted prior to the law who move across state lines. Now it becomes necessary to check past state residences for sex offender status to ensure that a prospective employee is not a sex offender in another state. Hope remains that congress will modify the law at some time in the future to close this loophole discovered by Thomas Carr and his attorney.

Carr was sentenced to 30 months in jail for violation of the SORNA law and the Obama administration had hope that the Supreme Court justices saw the administration’s interruption of the law as correct and would let the sentencing stand. Carr is now free and dissension by 3 judges was a warning to many that thousands of sex offenders do not need to register in their current state of residence because of the court decisions.