Internet Safety for Parents: Three Top Tips

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Internet safety for parents is something you should not ignore and doesn’t have to be too much of a burden. If you follow our simple steps you can rest assured that your family’s use of the internet will be safe and secure and you can avoid at least one of the many headaches that come with parenting.

Supervision (tip one)

Whilst there are many tools out there to make internet supervision easier for you, children should be supervised 100% of the time when it comes to their digital world. With so many pitfalls around every corner; even the best parental control programs are not able to block every potential area of inquiry so it is worth having the added security of your direct supervision. This is the only real way of guaranteeing 100% internet safety but should be nevertheless done alongside these other options.

Parental control software (tip two)

Parental control software is an absolute wonder for anyone scared of letting their children view the internet for fear of what they might be exposed to. As we’ve mentioned, no software can block 100% of illicit material online but parental control software can block so much adult material from search engines and links that you should definitely invest in it as your first line of defence. Even the most cautious searchers can be exposed to things they’d much rather not uncover.

Talking to your child about the internet (tip three)

This is often the most overlooked but certainly one of the most important of all precautions parents should take. Whilst supervision and software will work, you have to bear in mind that at some stage these ‘parental controls’ will have to be removed. When that happens it is much better if your child is prepared adequately to deal with the internet in a mature and responsible way. A few key areas you should consider covering with your child are:

  • Social networks and social interaction – at a young age this is incredibly important due to the potential risks of online grooming, cyberbullying and sexual predation. As you’re children get older they need to be made aware of appropriate and inappropriate posting, comments and other things. In much the same way as we aim to foster our children’s emotional development, you also need to foster their internet development and having frank and open conversations about these subjects will help.
  • Adult sites and pornography – Once your children are older they are bound to encounter adult material online and to be perfectly honest you really can’t stop this happening unless you remove internet access from them entirely. A better way of discouraging them to engage with this material is to explain the hazards, moral and social problems associated with this kind of material and to honestly talk about the exploitative nature of the content. Many parents will not be comfortable with this but there are 3rd party sources online who can help so don’t be too worried.
  • Browsing safety and downloading – explaining the risks of downloading illegal material, such as games and films containing spy ware and viruses is the best way to ensure that this material is not viewed. However you will need to make your children aware of the alternatives such as iTunes and Spotify so that they are not tempted nonetheless.

These are undoubtedly the best internet safety tips that you should be focusing on. Using all three will help keep your children safe and also help them develop a strong awareness of these online dangers, making them better adapted for use in their adult lives.


Jane writes about internet safety for children in order to help raise awareness to parents about the potential dangers of the digital world.



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Dating Tips for Teens

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If you are a teenager then it might be time for you to go on your first date.  Dating is an exciting thing no matter how old you are, but for teens it can also be an incredible learning experience.  No one is born knowing how to date and people can go their entire lives trying to figure out the perfect method to go about it.  But as a teen, it’s more important to just have fun with the situation and ago with the flow.  You are young so you should enjoy that fact and here are some dating tips to help you out.

It’s always important to be as realistic about dating as possible even though you might be overcome with emotions.  But if you are just going on a first date then it’s important to keep things casual until you can decide if you really like the other person.  There’s no need to turn a date into a big romantic event if it is your first get together.  So just have fun and try to get to know one another without putting too much pressure on the other person.

One of the most uncomfortable things that can happen on a date is awkward silence.  In order to avoid this you should have a list of conversation topics in your head so that you can pull them out when necessary.  And if all else fails, just go ahead and ask the other person a question and hopefully that will turn into a conversation point.  Keep in mind that a good conversation is the most important aspect of your date so that’s the thing you should put the most energy on.  If you are able to keep the other person engaged it will be like casting a powerful love spell on them.

These days it’s very important to be polite and to remember your manners, and if you do so you are sure to stand out from a lot of the other teenagers out there.  So no matter how the date goes you should treat the other person with respect and show your appreciation that they were willing to spend some time with you. More tips can be read at

Setting Teen Chat Room Rules for your Child

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Every parent wants to protect their child from harm and as a parent of a teenager, you are acutely aware of the dangers of the internet.  The news is rife with reports of children who have been targeted by internet predators.  It’s enough to want to make you ban your child the web completely.  You know that is not a feasible solution to the problem, but is there anything parents can do to help protect their children when they are visiting internet chat rooms?

How to Help Your Teen Stay Safe on the Internet

First, be realistic.  You know you can’t forbid your child from visiting chat rooms and make it stick.  Even if they don’t use a home computer, they’ll find a way.  Laptops, friends’ computers, even cell phones with internet access, are all too accessible to your teen.  Besides, the forbidden fruit is always more tempting and if you prohibit chat room use, your child will become more determined than ever to go there.

Instead, help your child find acceptable chat rooms. Look for rooms dedicated solely to teens.  These rooms should have continuous moderation and allow users to report offenders to admin if an unpleasant situation should arise.  Safe sites designed for teens should forbid users from giving out personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or locations.  Profane chat should not be permitted.

Talk to your teen about the importance of keeping personal information personal.  Not only should your child not give out information about themselves, they should not give out information about you, either.  Some predators want that info so they can hack into your financial accounts.

Make full use of parental controls and blocking software.  Check your child’s search history frequently and be observant when your child is on the computer.  If rules are broken, that is the time to restrict computer usage.

Get Involved

Don’t be ignorant to social media.  Get involved yourself and you’ll have a better understanding of your teen’s attraction to it.  Set up a Facebook page and get on your child’s friends list.  This gives you an inside look at whom your teen is chatting with and what they are chatting about.  Be cool, though.   You do not want to embarrass your child online.

Finally, talk to your child frequently about safe internet use.  Make it clear that they are never to meet a stranger from the internet anywhere, any time.  Make them understand that yes, it really could happen to them.

Keep your eyes open and the lines of communication unlocked, talk to your child about their internet experiences, and try to relax.  You are doing everything possible to protect your child.

  • Cyber Etiquette for Teens (

Are you looking for someone?

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Are you looking for someone?

I still can’t forget Mrs. Keilborn who was my Science teacher when I was in sixth grade.  She took a sincere interest in the education of her students and always made things easier to understand through humor.  She was always friendly to me and used to smile whenever she saw me, and I am quite sure she loved me most out of all other students. Thus I had the reasons to consider her my favorite teacher.  After a few years, I realized what a major influence she had on my life.

Later during my high school and college days, I relied greatly on the advice that I received from Mrs. Keilborn in sixth grade.  When it came time to rear my children, I incorporated her gentle and caring behavior into my own demeanor when dealing with them.  She used to rebuke us differently.  While scolding she would never yell at us with angry words, instead she clearly explained to us what all we had done wrong.

When I grew up I felt the need to offer my gratitude to this kind lady and tell her how she transformed my life.  However, she was now living in a different state than me.  I called the school but she no longer worked for them and the school authorities didn’t feel comfortable giving me her personal details.  I didn’t have many other options.  I felt sad that she may never know the great respect I have for her.  But recently, a friend of mine gave me the name of this website  This website serves as a great resource to find someone with very little information of the person available to you.

When you enter the name of the person in this website, you will immediately have access to all sorts of information about the person which may include the home address, phone number, and other relevant information. The website also helped me to track down the address and phone number of Mrs. Keilborn quite easily.  I called her and there was no offend to her joy!  I didn’t waste the opportunity and told her how important her teachings have been in every phase of my life for all these years.

If you want to find someone, this website can be truly helpful.  You can find a lost friend, your ex-spouse or anyone by using the search features of this website.  Even more serious types of information are also available with the website.  You can get access to the criminal records, civil records, or other important records about someone through the website. You can even check antecedents of your employees, search for your friends, or simply find out information about the people who accompany your children.  To find all of this all that is required is the name of the person!  So, search for someone who is dear to you have lost touch with, take this opportunity to express your feelings for him or her.

You should know with whom your child is spending time.

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You should know with whom your child is spending time.

Most parents worry when it comes to their children spending time with someone, particularly when the person is unknown to them. In an ideal case, our children’s friends will serve as the perfect role model, with great achievements in class, polite behavior, and a set of ambitious goals for the future. However, the ideal circumstance is hardly reality.  In most cases parents show more concern over who their children are friends with, while disregarding those that accompany them on outings.  Realistically, the matter can be quite frightening if someone who spends a significant amount of time with your child is found to have suspicious motives.

Most of the time, a child is surrounded by his or her friends’ parents or other adults besides their own parents and teachers. That’s being said, we hardly ever know about these people and their past. This is where you may feel the need to find out more information about the person.  Fortunately, there are ways to find out such information. The website is one of those valuable resources.  This website, upon entering the name of the person you have concerns about, you will gain all sorts of important and relevant information.  Some of the things you may be able to find out through the website are detailed below.


No parent wants to think about their children being around a criminal.  Even thinking about it can be quite upsetting.  If you know the name of the person your child spends time with and their approximate age, you can get all relevant information about that person. However, you need to make absolutely certain that the information you’re looking at matches the details for the person you are seeking information on. You can check the job of the person and other important events of his or her life.  You can also access hosts of other information instantly.  The data you get will prove very helpful.  Being a parent is of course a 24-hour job when it comes to protecting your child’s safety.  Just a little help can prove very helpful.

Sex criminals

It is a horrible fact that there are many sex offenders in this country, so the chances that your child could be exposed to one increases all the time. To complicate matters they are not easily identifiable and seem to be normal upstanding citizens like you and I.  This is one of their worst attributes because it makes them invisible to the outside world.  Perhaps it’s the cashier at your local market with the smiling face.  With the help of this website you can easily access this information.

Other Forms of Crime

Your child, however young he or she is, will probably at some point be exposed to a drug peddler, rapist, someone convicted of some other violent crime. It is a very frightening fact and causes you as a parent to wish you could lock them in the house.  However, realistically you can’t do this, the only thing you can do is protect them to the best of your ability. This website will prove to be an excellent tool in helping you to accomplish this goal.

Who is Sending Emails to Your Youngster?

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Who is Sending Emails to Your Youngster?

The World Wide Web is truly fascinating nowadays. Using the internet your youngster can look for information for any school project, homework or research paper. It’s a new world of knowledge opened up for the children, something which has no parallel. Certainly this is also a preferred manner for your youngster to remain in contact with his pals and find new friendship. With communal networking websites such as Zubby, MySpace and Friendster, your youngster can remain in contact with all his pals and enjoy doing so.

Friendster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In effect, social networking websites are extremely fashionable with children. Emailing is yet another manner of remaining in contact with pals and relatives who live away. Nonetheless the varied advantages of the World Wide Web also come with a large number of hazards. Kids communicate with unknown persons. There are sometimes killers who are online and are on the look-out for kids to talk to. So even though your youngster may be under the impression that he/she is conversing with another boy like him from a different state, he may in fact be chatting with an elderly person living right near you home.

Thinking about these circumstances and ideas is very frightening, but this happens often. The more information you have, the easier it is to prioritize the well-being of your kid. In case your kid is receiving weird emails or is chatting online with a person whom you are not familiar with, it would be worthwhile to find out. You can speak to your kid and get details about when and how they started chatting. Killers very often are on the look-out for children with low self-confident and self-worth. This is one of the manners using which they ensnare the child; they try to win the child’s trust and then abuse that confidence.

Fortunately there are many recent sites, from where you can determine the person sending emails to your kid. All you need to do is input the email of the concerned person. You do not require their name, Social Security number or contact details. By entering their email you can get their name, address, telephone number and other records pertaining to the person’s background/character. These records are very useful since they have information about the arrest warrants at state and federal levels. They also have information about any misbehavior or charges that the concerned person may have been convicted for and if there are any sexual offences.

Being a parent is the toughest of all jobs, although the most excellent and gratifying one. Be active in the child’s life, especially with what he does on the internet and find out doubtful persons as soon as you can to avoid getting your child trapped with a really harmful person.

Is Your Youngster Taking the School Bus?

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Is Your Youngster Taking the School Bus?

A school bus driver needs to have a liking for children, a will to drive them securely to school and a great deal of endurance when dealing with them. A number of school bus drivers are extremely committed and they are also the right type of people that you would want to be around your children. Nonetheless there are others who have been put behind bars as a result of complaints from parents, only to discover that these persons had a criminal history and had been convicted. It remains ambiguous as to how … Read more at Sex Offenders Search

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Is Your Youngster Taking the School Bus?

A school bus driver needs to have a liking for children, a will to drive them securely to school and a great deal of endurance when dealing with them. A number of school bus drivers are extremely committed and they are also the right type of people that you would want to be around your children. Nonetheless there are others who have been put behind bars as a result of complaints from parents, only to discover that these persons had a criminal history and had been convicted. It remains ambiguous as to how they get an official recognition to conduct a school bus. No one would like to have a person with a criminal record driving their children’s school bus. The safety of your youngster is primary.

ALBERTA 1975-84 (SB) SCHOOL BUS plate and stickers
ALBERTA 1975-84 (SB) SCHOOL BUS plate and stickers (Photo credit: woody1778a)

If ever you doubt the behavior of your youngster’s bus driver, or you only want to ascertain that your child is in safe hands, you could follow some of these things. Meet the driver and get to know him and remain at the bus stand with your youngster. The principal effect of this is that it helps the driver understand that you are committed and occupied with your youngster’s life. Many drivers are appreciative of your involvement in your child but at the same time if you have a bad driver he/she will be cautious of trying to do any harm. Get to know the name of your child’s driver.

Use that name on one of the websites such as to do a search of persons with criminal evidence. Using the name, you will come across all kinds of useful data as detailed below:

  • Contact Address – You can pinpoint precisely the residence of the school-bus driver
  • Telephone Number – You will have access to the driver’s phone contact
  • Illegal Information – You will be able to understand if your youngster’s driver has had a crimination conviction or misbehavior either regionally or across the country. You will as well have a right to check out arrest warrant issued for particular persons or legal data involving civil courts and information regarding detention.
  • Matrimonial Records
  • Death Records
  • Other possible data – Some other data would comprise of details about close family members of the driver, persons living close to him and details about his earlier work stints. In case all of this information is in the record, you can access it upon entering the school-bus driver’s name.

You will be able to utilize these details to understand if your youngster is in safe hands. In case you discover any information about the driver which seems unhealthy, it is important that you alert the police right away as well as the school authorities. According to our laws towards protecting children, convict’s found guilty cannot be handed the care or duties of young children. Once you alert the concerned personnel, the driver has to be removed right away from the duty of driving children to school and proper action needs to be taken. Use the instructions and suggestions mentioned above, to ensure the safety of your youngster as well as so many other youngsters on the bus. An opportunity to save someone’s life does not present itself that often.