Parents Increasingly Dealing With Manipulated Drug Tests

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The rise in availability of home drug testing kits and technology has seen a parallel rise in a related industry: products that manipulate drug test results. While none of these products truly come out and say that’s what they’re for, a quick internet search or talk with the clerk at the shop will tell you that beating a drug test is exactly what they are for.

For parents or even private schools which use drug testing as a means of keeping kids and students in check, these products aren’t just a nuisance. They turn the whole point of drug testing on its head and make a mockery of the system. The problem is that in today’s world information is so entirely accessible with search engines and the internet, that kids have quickly figured out how to beat the system. It’s not “underground sites” that sell these products. It’s the sites you know and love: Amazon and Ebay, to name a few. You can find everything from QCarbo32 drug test drinks here to pills to even fake urine, all of which are used in a semi-illegal manner to trick the results of testing, whether through urine or hair analysis.

What’s needed is a test that tests for products designed to trick the tests.

Or maybe not. Maybe what’s needed is parents to know what these products are and be able to identify them in the house. It’s not the most noble act, but more than one kid has been caught using them by his Dad finding the empty plastic jug of QCarbo32 in his sons trash can.

But what if the kid takes the intelligent step off destroying the evidence – what then?

And therein lies the problem. How do you fight against that? The truth is that you can’t.

Maybe home drug tests aren’t really a good weapon after all.

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Top 10 Ways to Keep the Kids Safe at a Theme Park

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A family day out at a theme park is supposed to be fun, but with little ones it can be a bit daunting.

Stressing and panicking is no good for anyone, however, so here are top ten ways to eliminate the worry and keep your cherubs safe.

1. Dress in bright, anonymous clothing
One of the best ways to keep your children safe at a theme park is to dress them in brightly coloured clothing, so you can see them at all times. You really want them to be highly visible, so dig out the brightest attire you can find (if they will let you) and make a note of what they are wearing. Bright, block colours work best, as can be seen from afar, so don’t get carried away and keep it simple. If you have kids not yet old enough to care, you could even dress them all the same to eliminate any confusion.

2. Don’t Wear Slip On Shoes
On the morning of your trip, make sure you don’t put your kids in shoes which could easily fall off. On many attractions feet don’t have anything to rest on and are left to dangle down, so if shoes are not done up properly they could easily come off. Funky sandals and vibrant flip-flops may look cool, but if they end up hitting a passer-by in the head, you will definitely not be laughing.

3. Stranger Danger
Before setting off, remind your children of stranger danger and enforce that they must not talk to, or go off with anybody they don’t know. Keep younger children on a child leash and tell the older kids to always stay in your view. Reassure them that they can do all the fun things they want, but it must be at the pace of the family.

To protect your children further make sure you do not dress them in any clothes which display their name in an obvious way. Avoid personalised football strips, t-shirts, caps and even named key rings on bags. Children are more likely to follow someone who knows their name, so simply be aware.

4. Wear identity bands
When heading to a theme park it is very good idea to place a discreet identity band around your child’s wrist stating your telephone number. That way, if they do get lost hopefully someone will find them and they will be reunited with you in no time. Even older children can forget a telephone number in a moment of panic, so if they don’t want to wear a band, always give them a bit of paper with it on just in case.

5. Agree on a meeting place
Arriving at a theme park can be extremely exciting, however, it is very important to keep control and organise everyone as there is nothing worst than losing a member of your group. Decide upon a meeting point you must all return to if someone gets lost and make sure everyone knows where they are to come. It is advisable to select the biggest, brightest attraction in the park as this can often be seen from a great distance.

6. Never leave your child alone
Never, ever leave your children alone while you go on a ride. Always make sure there is a ride you can enjoy together or that there is a friend or relative to look after your little ones. It sounds so simple, but in the chaos of the day, communication may break down and your youngsters may end up alone. What’s more, make sure if you pop to the loo or go to buy food, that someone knows they are looking after the kids.

7. Chose appropriate rides
Theme parks usually have a whole range of rides and attractions to suit everyone from the bravest of thrill seekers to timid little ones. It is highly recommended you watch a ride before taking your children on it as it may not look scary at first but might do something unexpected. Many rides also have height restrictions, so make sure you read all the information boards or ask an attendant to save unnecessary queuing.

8. Use sun cream
Many theme park attractions are located outside and therefore it is extremely important to bring sun cream along with you — and use it. The weather may not look particularly great, but if you are outside you can still catch the sun, so be sure to protect yourself and your children from harmful rays. The last thing you want is to be caught unprepared and for you kids to get burnt.

9. Keep hydrated
A theme park adventure is thirsty work, so make sure you all stay hydrated. Bring bottles of water with you, buy some at the park’s shops, or stop for regular refreshments. Kids often get so excited they forget to eat or drink, so be forceful and make sure they keep take in regular liquid. Dehydration can be very serious but can also be easily avoided.

10. Bring plasters
Bringing a mini first aid kit along with you, is a really, really good idea. Day trips often avoid lots of walking and so plasters are usually essential. Shoes can rub, especially during hot days or if they get wet and it is a very good idea to be prepared. Children also love to run around and may fall and cut themselves, so having a pack of plaster will soon put a smile on their faces once again.

So, there you have it, day trips with the family really don’t have to be stressful. Simply be sensible, stay alert and enjoy a fun-filled adventure together.


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Dating Tips for Teens

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If you are a teenager then it might be time for you to go on your first date.  Dating is an exciting thing no matter how old you are, but for teens it can also be an incredible learning experience.  No one is born knowing how to date and people can go their entire lives trying to figure out the perfect method to go about it.  But as a teen, it’s more important to just have fun with the situation and ago with the flow.  You are young so you should enjoy that fact and here are some dating tips to help you out.

It’s always important to be as realistic about dating as possible even though you might be overcome with emotions.  But if you are just going on a first date then it’s important to keep things casual until you can decide if you really like the other person.  There’s no need to turn a date into a big romantic event if it is your first get together.  So just have fun and try to get to know one another without putting too much pressure on the other person.

One of the most uncomfortable things that can happen on a date is awkward silence.  In order to avoid this you should have a list of conversation topics in your head so that you can pull them out when necessary.  And if all else fails, just go ahead and ask the other person a question and hopefully that will turn into a conversation point.  Keep in mind that a good conversation is the most important aspect of your date so that’s the thing you should put the most energy on.  If you are able to keep the other person engaged it will be like casting a powerful love spell on them.

These days it’s very important to be polite and to remember your manners, and if you do so you are sure to stand out from a lot of the other teenagers out there.  So no matter how the date goes you should treat the other person with respect and show your appreciation that they were willing to spend some time with you. More tips can be read at

Are You Doing Some Detective Work?

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Are You Doing Some Detective Work?

Many times, we as parents are forced to play the role of detective in our lives.  Most parents at some point in time feel that their child is concealing something or is not willing to tell the truth about which they have been spending their time with. Then a parent’s sixth sense starts working, sparking an intuition that something fishy is going on with their child. There are multiple reasons for this– your child’s excessive hours on the phone, staying away from home for long periods of time, Numerous complaints sent home from the school and other sources. Whatever the reason may be, just know something isn’t right, and feel the need to take control of the situation. Being a parent, it’s important to do something, but you want to avoid nagging your child with endless questions.  So, what’s to do?

There are many parents who don’t feel its right to interfere in their child’s business. This does not mean they don’t worry however, constantly thinking about their child’s safety.  The worst thing is part is being unsure of whether or not any threat exists, yet being unable to stop yourself from worrying about it. When you find yourself in this situation, often there is very little anyone can do to help you. However there are options out there that can help alleviate your fears.

It is always best to attempt to gain this information from speaking to your child directly. While usually your child will be honest, as we all know this isn’t always the case. It is important to remember that there are some things a child will naturally be hesitant to share with their parents.   This hesitation can make parents even more anxious. This may cause them to look for answers on their own. With all the technological advancements in this era, we can find much of the information on people whom seem suspicious to you. Do you want to know, how?  Visit the website, type in the name of the person, and you will have access to all of the person’s current information, including detailed background checks.

You can’t afford for your child to be spending time with a person who has a shady past. The scariest thing is your child may not even be aware of their true past.  You can even find out if the person has ever been sued in a civil case.  In the circumstance that you do find negative information about the person, your fears of them taking advantage of your child are a completely natural reaction. That being said the greatest advantage to using this method of finding information is the person in question will be none the wiser.   It offers you complete privacy, and no one will come to know whose information you searched for through the website.

The website even provides personal information on the person – whether he or she is married, divorced or has kids.  Many parents prefer to allow their children to live their lives in their own way.  Keeping that in mind there are still situations when the interference in your child’s life could be critical to their safety.  So when the day comes that you are concerned about your child’s safety, visit  You may find the results surprising.  The information you get will either assure you that your child is safe, or confirm your fears. In either case your child will eventually appreciate how concerned you were about them.

Are you looking for someone?

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Are you looking for someone?

I still can’t forget Mrs. Keilborn who was my Science teacher when I was in sixth grade.  She took a sincere interest in the education of her students and always made things easier to understand through humor.  She was always friendly to me and used to smile whenever she saw me, and I am quite sure she loved me most out of all other students. Thus I had the reasons to consider her my favorite teacher.  After a few years, I realized what a major influence she had on my life.

Later during my high school and college days, I relied greatly on the advice that I received from Mrs. Keilborn in sixth grade.  When it came time to rear my children, I incorporated her gentle and caring behavior into my own demeanor when dealing with them.  She used to rebuke us differently.  While scolding she would never yell at us with angry words, instead she clearly explained to us what all we had done wrong.

When I grew up I felt the need to offer my gratitude to this kind lady and tell her how she transformed my life.  However, she was now living in a different state than me.  I called the school but she no longer worked for them and the school authorities didn’t feel comfortable giving me her personal details.  I didn’t have many other options.  I felt sad that she may never know the great respect I have for her.  But recently, a friend of mine gave me the name of this website  This website serves as a great resource to find someone with very little information of the person available to you.

When you enter the name of the person in this website, you will immediately have access to all sorts of information about the person which may include the home address, phone number, and other relevant information. The website also helped me to track down the address and phone number of Mrs. Keilborn quite easily.  I called her and there was no offend to her joy!  I didn’t waste the opportunity and told her how important her teachings have been in every phase of my life for all these years.

If you want to find someone, this website can be truly helpful.  You can find a lost friend, your ex-spouse or anyone by using the search features of this website.  Even more serious types of information are also available with the website.  You can get access to the criminal records, civil records, or other important records about someone through the website. You can even check antecedents of your employees, search for your friends, or simply find out information about the people who accompany your children.  To find all of this all that is required is the name of the person!  So, search for someone who is dear to you have lost touch with, take this opportunity to express your feelings for him or her.

Is Your Youngster Taking the School Bus?

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Is Your Youngster Taking the School Bus?

A school bus driver needs to have a liking for children, a will to drive them securely to school and a great deal of endurance when dealing with them. A number of school bus drivers are extremely committed and they are also the right type of people that you would want to be around your children. Nonetheless there are others who have been put behind bars as a result of complaints from parents, only to discover that these persons had a criminal history and had been convicted. It remains ambiguous as to how … Read more at Sex Offenders Search

Civil Records

Is Your Youngster Taking the School Bus?

A school bus driver needs to have a liking for children, a will to drive them securely to school and a great deal of endurance when dealing with them. A number of school bus drivers are extremely committed and they are also the right type of people that you would want to be around your children. Nonetheless there are others who have been put behind bars as a result of complaints from parents, only to discover that these persons had a criminal history and had been convicted. It remains ambiguous as to how they get an official recognition to conduct a school bus. No one would like to have a person with a criminal record driving their children’s school bus. The safety of your youngster is primary.

ALBERTA 1975-84 (SB) SCHOOL BUS plate and stickers
ALBERTA 1975-84 (SB) SCHOOL BUS plate and stickers (Photo credit: woody1778a)

If ever you doubt the behavior of your youngster’s bus driver, or you only want to ascertain that your child is in safe hands, you could follow some of these things. Meet the driver and get to know him and remain at the bus stand with your youngster. The principal effect of this is that it helps the driver understand that you are committed and occupied with your youngster’s life. Many drivers are appreciative of your involvement in your child but at the same time if you have a bad driver he/she will be cautious of trying to do any harm. Get to know the name of your child’s driver.

Use that name on one of the websites such as to do a search of persons with criminal evidence. Using the name, you will come across all kinds of useful data as detailed below:

  • Contact Address – You can pinpoint precisely the residence of the school-bus driver
  • Telephone Number – You will have access to the driver’s phone contact
  • Illegal Information – You will be able to understand if your youngster’s driver has had a crimination conviction or misbehavior either regionally or across the country. You will as well have a right to check out arrest warrant issued for particular persons or legal data involving civil courts and information regarding detention.
  • Matrimonial Records
  • Death Records
  • Other possible data – Some other data would comprise of details about close family members of the driver, persons living close to him and details about his earlier work stints. In case all of this information is in the record, you can access it upon entering the school-bus driver’s name.

You will be able to utilize these details to understand if your youngster is in safe hands. In case you discover any information about the driver which seems unhealthy, it is important that you alert the police right away as well as the school authorities. According to our laws towards protecting children, convict’s found guilty cannot be handed the care or duties of young children. Once you alert the concerned personnel, the driver has to be removed right away from the duty of driving children to school and proper action needs to be taken. Use the instructions and suggestions mentioned above, to ensure the safety of your youngster as well as so many other youngsters on the bus. An opportunity to save someone’s life does not present itself that often.