The Lawmaker Who Wants To Use GPS For Sex Offender Tracking

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One State Senator, Will Longwitz is proposing a reformed way of registering sex offenders which will change the way that those living nearby are notified concerning the whereabouts of the offenders.

The Senator believes that money can be saved by making use of the technology available to law enforcement. This will also allow the reduction of man hours needed to keep track of sex offenders.

Following the lead of 16 other states that are using similar methods, Longwitz explains that the offenders would be rated on how dangerous they are to society. Those who are most harmful would be required to wear a GPS device for monitoring purposes.

Sign, Wapello, Iowa. This was put up in reacti...
Sign, Wapello, Iowa. This was put up in reaction to Megan’s Law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This monitoring device would allow law enforcement to be notified if the offender should leave their restricted area. If would also sound an alarm if the offender were to get too near a school.

Although these laws do exist in other states, they have been disputed in court.

The proposed law would require the sex offender to assist in covering the GPS monitor costs.

Because most employers will not hire convicts, there is a high rate of homelessness among those who have been in jail. However, it is important that these offenders have as much penalties as possible when it comes to paying restitution.

Longwitz notes that this type of device might have saved Lenora Edhegard who was killed in October by Cortrell Rose. Had Rose been monitored, he would have not been able to use a fake address and have access to Lenora Edhegard.

Along with the requirement of registering every 90 days and having a recent photo on file, the new law would require the offender to mail letters to area residents that they have moved into the neighborhood.

Because there are so many non-compliant offenders, law enforcement needs the help of area citizens. If someone raises suspicion, citizens are asked to report it to the authorities.

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