Herman Cain Sexual Harrassment-What Does It Mean For Him?

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Herman Cain’s political aspirations may have taken a hit with the past sexual allegations that have recently been made public. Team Obama should be dancing behind closed doors as this recent scandal has shifted Republican candidate focus away from the President’s agenda to a new target within their midst.

For Cain, this controversy has weakened his poll numbers nationally, but he is still holding the lead for the Republican nomination. Unfortunately, Cain’s contradictory statements regarding the sexual harassment allegations has flummoxed the formerly confidant politician. Currently, 48 percent of Republicans believe that the reports are untrue and 25 percent believe it’s possible that Cain did the crime. However, these new percentages show that Herman Cain and his platform are still speaking to Republican voters.

The Iowa Caucus is still two months away, which will begin the narrowing down of candidates for the nomination. Obama’s supporters are bound to be encouraged by the large number of viable Republican candidates since this improves the President’s chances for reelection. A larger group of candidates will open up the Independent votes.

The Herman Cain scandal could prove to be a turning point for the 2012 election. When voters see how Cain handles this setback, it may impress voters, which would increase his likelihood of achieving the Republican candidacy. Furthermore, if Cain is able to come through the ordeal and make it to the nomination, then he will be a heavy contender.

The crusade for the Republican nominee has been brutal and will certainly increase in intensity as the elections draw closer. Mr. Cain has accused staff members working for Governor Rick Perry of releasing reports regarding the sexual harassment reports and has asked the governor to apologize. However, Perry has denied the charges and responded that an apology was unnecessary. Herman Cain should focus on placing the scandal behind him, but as new reports continue to surface, the issue will continue to plague him.

Mr. Cain has become a popular candidate for voters due to his alternative style along with the fact that his political background is non-existent. His “9-9-9” plan for taxes has drawn both positive and negative comments. Additionally, the tax plan has become a major platform for his campaign and has brought the businessman voter attention.

Last Friday, a poll completed by the Washington Post and ABC News discovered that 7 out of every 10 Republicans were unconcerned about the harassment allegations, nor would they be likely to hold it against the presidential candidate.

Cain has smartly joined friendly settings to provide his response in stating that he was singled out unfairly. For its part, the Republican Party is expressing concern over the current quarreling among its candidates instead of focusing on the rival President Obama. However, several longtime Republican strategists have stated that infighting is typical and the current skirmish hasn’t reached a point where the candidates can’t forgive and forget.

It will be interesting to see if this scandal becomes a defining moment for Mr. Cain or a tiny blip in a successful campaign.

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Cautious Kids

Some of the most important lessons we can teach our young ones are safety guidelines and how to approach dangerous situations when unattended. When children approach the age of 3 years they become very impressionable and are suitable for learning some important life lessons. This is the idea time to start teaching them some basic safety rules.

Hazards at Home

Hazards involving intense heat can cause many injuries to children every year, this is often because they are unaware of all potential dangers in their own home. Hazards such as a boiling kettle, hot radiators, lit ovens and fireplaces can all cause injuries to unsuspecting children. Little ones are particularly explorative when unsupervised to be sure they have a safe area to play in when they are left with time to themselves. Putting safety measures in place around your home is a good way of reducing the risk of children getting injured, but teaching them to be cautious themselves is an invaluable lesson that could make a large difference when they stumble across a shiny hazard without parental supervision.

Travelling Alone and Dealing With Strangers

As children reach the age in which they go to play with friends and make short journeys to and from nearby houses and shops, it’s vital that they know the importance of travelling safely and not to engage in conversation with any unfamiliar faces. Ensure they have a safe route to all destinations and remain in public view the entire time. If possible they should travel with groups of their friends to ensure they are not alone while travelling home.

The potential danger involved with a child engaging strangers is something no parent wants to think about, but ensuring your child knows when someone is clearly bad news can make a huge difference in the way they approach strangers.

Environmental Hazards

As children grown older and are approaching high school, they are always more likely to travel further out to play with friends, ride bikes and play sports, but there are important lessons they must learn about environmental hazards. An unsupervised reservoir may seem like an idea place to play and swim to a group of children, if they are uneducated on this topic they may be unaware of generally how difficult it becomes to clamber back out again once wet.

Pylons may appear to be giant climbing frames with which to play and show off to friends, but children may not know about the tens of thousands of volts flowing through the pylons electrical system. It is vital that children learn lessons such as these at a young age; a sensible child is much more likely to stay safe when left alone and can have a positive impact on their more troublesome friends.

Written by Daniel Travis – Brown on behalf of Gray & Co Criminal Defence Solicitors , follow him on Twitter @DanTravisBrown