Making the Internet Safe for Kids

The Internet is a dangerous place for children and the scary thing is there is no real safe way to keep your kids out of harms way. If kids are intent on finding something on the Internet they will probably find it sooner or later. However there are ways to help protect your kids when they are on the home computer.

Google is the biggest Internet search engine and is used my almost everybody out there. In the future it wouldn’t surprise me if people started to call the Internet, Google!

As far as your kids are concerned this can be a good thing because Google has some features that make the Internet a bit safer.

Google safe search limits the searches that are returned to only the ones that Google deems as safe and suitable for children. These settings should be activated on your browser if you know that your children will be using the Internet. If you activate these settings and then choose to lock them so that they can’t be changed every time your kids perform a search on the Internet they will not be subjected to any kind of pornographic content or any other type of content that may be inappropriate.

These settings make Google for kids a safe place. You won’t have to worry any more. In fact, it’s probably a really good idea to teach your kids how to use Google. Let them know that if they want to find out any information, all they have to do is type their question into the search box and ¬†they can find the answer.

By teaching them how to use Google (which you have already set to safe search) you are letting them satisfy their curiosity and keep them safe at the same time. If only everything for kids was that easy!

You can learn more about Google safe search by simply Googling it.

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