Are you being harassed by someone on phone?

Are you being harassed by someone on phone?

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Blank calls can traumatize anyone’s life. The same happened with one of my good friends, whom were being subjected to a harrowing experience due to an anonymous caller. This unknown and unwanted person used to call her everyday around three in the morning. These telephone calls had made her life hellish.  When she would try to answer these calls, most of the time, there was no one there to respond. And if someone would respond, they would make a very harsh comment and hang up the phone. The first time her phone rang so late at night; she anxiously picked it up thinking someone in her family might be having a problem. She had no idea that someone would call her at those late hours just for fun and to make her life just hellish. After a few days, she decided that someone was harassing her. Thereafter, the phone calls started waking her up in the middle of the night almost each and everyday.

The trauma continued and she tried to trace the caller with the help of the phone company, but the numbers came out as cell phone numbers and hence finding name and details of the callers were not possible.  So, even if she got the numbers of the callers, she was unable to find the culprits.  She even went to the police and got few typical wise responses to just ignore those phone calls and that if there anything serious or they threatened her, they wouldn’t go easy on the culprits.  This made her feel really helpless.  She was not in the mood to keep her telephone off at night for fear of someone in her family or one of her friends needing her help in emergency situations, so her trauma continued night after night.

When I met her a few days back for lunch, I found her very weary and distressed.  One of our common friends was also there and when he discovered her problem he suggested the name of a website. The website was  He said that there is hardly any record of most of the cell phones and tracing them is quite difficult, however, the information could be retrieved if you knew where to find it.    He suggested that this website could help her. By simply typing in the cell phone number, one could retrieve all sort of information related to that cell phone. This website provides you with every bit of information – name of the cell phone owner, his or her home number and address and even civil and criminal records if they have any.  So, it’s easy to find whether your caller is a convicted criminal or just a fun-loving teenager.

Then I accompanied her to her house and checked the number on the website.  Our friend had given her a valuable suggestion.  We managed to find the full name and address of the caller and were a bit surprised to find out that the caller had a criminal background. The information was enough to terrify us, and we went directly to the police with the prized information. Since the caller had a criminal background; they didn’t wait to take a chance.  The caller was arrested and my friend now has a peaceful life.  All this was possible because of the information we managed to find through the website.  Think, what might have happened to my friend if she hadn’t the information.

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