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Is Your Youngster Taking the School Bus?

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Is Your Youngster Taking the School Bus?

A school bus driver needs to have a liking for children, a will to drive them securely to school and a great deal of endurance when dealing with them. A number of school bus drivers are extremely committed and they are also the right type of people that you would want to be around your children. Nonetheless there are others who have been put behind bars as a result of complaints from parents, only to discover that these persons had a criminal history and had been convicted. It remains ambiguous as to how they get an official recognition to conduct a school bus. No one would like to have a person with a criminal record driving their children’s school bus. The safety of your youngster is primary.

ALBERTA 1975-84 (SB) SCHOOL BUS plate and stickers

ALBERTA 1975-84 (SB) SCHOOL BUS plate and stickers (Photo credit: woody1778a)

If ever you doubt the behavior of your youngster’s bus driver, or you only want to ascertain that your child is in safe hands, you could follow some of these things. Meet the driver and get to know him and remain at the bus stand with your youngster. The principal effect of this is that it helps the driver understand that you are committed and occupied with your youngster’s life. Many drivers are appreciative of your involvement in your child but at the same time if you have a bad driver he/she will be cautious of trying to do any harm. Get to know the name of your child’s driver.

Use that name on one of the websites such as to do a search of persons with criminal evidence. Using the name, you will come across all kinds of useful data as detailed below:

  • Contact Address – You can pinpoint precisely the residence of the school-bus driver
  • Telephone Number – You will have access to the driver’s phone contact
  • Illegal Information – You will be able to understand if your youngster’s driver has had a crimination conviction or misbehavior either regionally or across the country. You will as well have a right to check out arrest warrant issued for particular persons or legal data involving civil courts and information regarding detention.
  • Matrimonial Records
  • Death Records
  • Other possible data – Some other data would comprise of details about close family members of the driver, persons living close to him and details about his earlier work stints. In case all of this information is in the record, you can access it upon entering the school-bus driver’s name.

You will be able to utilize these details to understand if your youngster is in safe hands. In case you discover any information about the driver which seems unhealthy, it is important that you alert the police right away as well as the school authorities. According to our laws towards protecting children, convict’s found guilty cannot be handed the care or duties of young children. Once you alert the concerned personnel, the driver has to be removed right away from the duty of driving children to school and proper action needs to be taken. Use the instructions and suggestions mentioned above, to ensure the safety of your youngster as well as so many other youngsters on the bus. An opportunity to save someone’s life does not present itself that often.

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